Mitalgic Global Limited is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm offering engineering, architectural, consultancy and supervision services for large-scale projects in a wide range of fields. Mitalgic Global Limited is completely independent of any contractor, supplier or manufacturer and exclusively represents the interests of its clients. Mitalgic Global Limited has successfully performed services in the fields of energy production and transmission, water and land resources development, transportation, environment and buildings.

As Mitalgic Global Limited, we would like to state that it is our target to continue our contribution to the creation of great works in engineering and consultancy sector domestically and internationally, as a leading and reputable company, preferred by the clients. For that purpose we declare and undertake that we have formed an Integrated Management System (IMS) and continue performing our activities in accordance with this system which covers:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS)
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHS)

The main elements of the Mitalgic Global Limited IMS policy are as follows:

  • Mitalgic Global Limited prioritizes to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. In order to succeed that, great importance is given to clarify the exact expectations of the client in relation with the project first. Following that, fulfilling the expectations of the Client in the highest level by producing the most appropriate solution within the stipulated budget and time in a climate of mutual trust and cooperation by always keeping the environmental, health and safety as well as ethical rules under consideration is the most important principle of our company.
  • Mitalgic Global Limited believes that, experienced permanent staff (whom have been involved in several important projects within the company for many years), stable and strong financial structure and probability are the most important indicators showing the strength of the company. For this reason, the employment, working conditions, training of the employees and ensuring the optimum use of company resources are very important for the company to be long lasting and strong.
  • Mitalgic Global Limited encourages the use of tried and successful new technological products, methods and standards in order to provide better quality, more environmentally friendly, fit for purpose and faster services by also overseeing health and safety issues. Being open to new technologies is an important factor for the company to be preferred by the Clients and to be long lasting.
  • Mitalgic Global Limited acknowledges the following factors during the delivery of services:
    • Fulfilment of applicable requirements of services and quality management.
    • Continuous improvement of products and services together with Quality, Environmental and OHS Management Systems.
    • To prevent injuries and health deterioration, continuous improvement of OHS management and OHS performance with the participation of employees.
    • Complying with the current environmental, OHS, legal conditions and with the conditions of the member organizations.
    • Being conscious about the environment and OHS; ensuring efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources to prevent pollution.

Mitalgic Global Limited, in order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, has formed and documented an Integrated Management System, ensured the awareness of the employees by distributing the documentation to them, informed the related parties by publishing on the website and targeted to continuously improve the system by the feedbacks to be received during the implementation of the system.