We create better lives

communities in Africa

— one investment at a time.
Supporting development in African communities by

Delivering critical investments that significantly improve the welfare in the community we serve.

Mitalgic Global Limited is committed to investments that make a difference. We facilitate investments that truly improve the lives of individuals and communities. We make an impact by making responsible investments in infrastructure that creates long-term value and contributes to economic growth in communities and regions.

Access to reliable, affordable energy can facilitate education, health, comfort, security and productivity. That’s why Mitalgic looks for projects that deliver critical infrastructure to Sub-Saharan populations who would benefit most from our investments. Safe, efficient transportation infrastructure can expand access to employment, education and healthcare. Modern communications networks support economic development by streamlining access to information.

We feel that by identifying promising projects and pairing them with adequate and sustainable funding, we can deliver strong returns and provide tools to enable social and economic growth. Through training and employment, Mitalgic plans to contribute to the sustainable future of these communities.

Why Partner with Us

The cornerstones of our organizational sustainability.

  • Climate Change

    We tackle climate change through our transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy mix and the reduction of our carbon footprint. Ultimately aiming to provide more renewable energy than our carbon footprint.

  • Economic Growth

    We aim to achieve sustainability in the communities we invest. We see this practically playing out through sustainable infrastructure and creation of safe, decent work opportunities.

  • Diversity

    Mitalgic Global Ltd. achieves positive outcomes for inclusive and gender-equal employment through training exercises and an inclusive workforce, providing more resilient and sustainable workforce and economy.

  • Governance

    Good governance lies at the heart of our business at Mitalgic. This in-turn delivers returns for our investments, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we invest.

As a responsible investment partnerr in Africa, Mitalgic Global Limited maintains a continual focus on governance aspects in our investment decision-making and active stewardship of assets. Learn More