Turkey closely matching China’s financial muscle in Africa’s construction sector

Over US$71 billion worth of infrastructure projects have been carried out by Turkish enterprises across Africa, of which US$19.5 billion have been carried out in Sub-Saharan AfricaTurkey’s trade volumes with Af...


Tanzania sign investment agreements to revive touristic and investment potentials with the US

Tanzania’s President Samia Suluhu Hassan was on a mission to revive the tourism sector in her country and strengthens bilateral ties with the US on Friday. Before the meeting in the Eisenhower Executive O...


South Africa seeks investment to boost economic transformation.

South Africa has managed to secure more than $20bn (almost €18bn) in pledges at this year’s South Africa Investment Conference in Johannesburg. Africa’s most industrialised economy is close to reaching its targ...


Australia, South Africa miners eye options as Europe makes desperate calls

Australian and South African miners are exploring ways to supply coal and metals consumers in Europe scrambling for alternative sources to Russian supply, but logistics and cost constraints make it difficult to...

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Angola on a mission to lure European investors

The first-ever EU-Angola Business forum took place this Thursday in Brussels with an objective of convincing European investors to bet on Angola’s reforms to support private sector investment and business links...


EU Chief Announces $172 Billion Investment for Africa 

EU chief unveiled a record investment pledge for Africa, on Thurday. Just a week away from the sixth the European Union- African Union summit. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Thursday an...

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Peace and security in Africa: China’s Role in addressing weaknesses.

African leaders have committed themselves to ending armed conflict on the continent and promoting lasting peace and economic prosperity. This is in keeping with the African Union’s blueprint for the continent. ...


Angola Plans $445M investment in Logistics Hubs

The Angolan government plans to invest over US$445.5 million (392.3 million euros) to build 21 logistics centres, by 2038, in order to minimise the challenges of goods transport, which is still heavily dependen...

Freight containers on dock

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African countries need to salvage the opportunities created the current US-China tensions

The unfolding US-China power rivalry bears a striking resemblance to the tensions between the US and the Soviet bloc during the Cold War years. Back then, African countries were positioned like pawns on a grand...


China’s investments in Africa: a fresh lens offers more balanced insights

The rise of China in Africa has triggered an ongoing debate about whether Chinese capital is a barrier that entraps African governments in practices that hinder poverty reduction. The most recent contribution t...