We provide impact-focused investment that leads to positive economic, environmental and social outcomes


We play a key role in supporting private investors that are seeking to make impact investments in the countries where we operate.

When it’s agreed that we set out to achieve desirable financial and social returns while maintaining our developmental objectives established with a clear rationale to execute the project, including examining how the project will impact the community and the sustainability of our investments.

We have unparalleled experience of supporting businesses and the communities that rely upon them, in some of the most challenging countries and regions in the world – places that are starved of investment. Private sector investors can often be put off by higher levels of risk caused by regulatory or political uncertainty. We are skilled at navigating those risks.

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    Unlocking Long-Term Capital.

    We work with investors committed to long-term capital to ensure debt maturities align with deadline with major consideration to the benefits of the project.

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    Engage & Align Community Benefits.

    We partner with the community, local government, and investors to articulate a comprehensive view of the impact of an investment to ensure equitable results.

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    Developing High impact projects

    We ensure that investment portfolios we are involved with generate clear socio-economic benefits and build a competitive advantage in the community.

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    We coordinate impact of infrastructural investments

    We facilitate the selection of projects and coordinate them among regional entities to ensure investments are compatible with existing infrastructure.

Why Partner with Us

The cornerstones of our organizational sustainability.

  • Climate Change

    We tackle climate change through our transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy mix and the reduction of our carbon footprint. Ultimately aiming to provide more renewable energy than our carbon footprint.

  • Economic Growth

    We aim to achieve sustainability in the communities we invest. We see this practically playing out through sustainable infrastructure and creation of safe, decent work opportunities.

  • Diversity

    Mitalgic Global Ltd. achieves positive outcomes for inclusive and gender-equal employment through training exercises and an inclusive workforce, providing more resilient and sustainable workforce and economy.

  • Governance

    Good governance lies at the heart of our business at Mitalgic. This in-turn delivers returns for our investments, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we invest.

As a responsible investment partnerr in Africa, Mitalgic Global Limited maintains a continual focus on governance aspects in our investment decision-making and active stewardship of assets. Learn More

our approach

Our approach to improve and modernize decision making for infrastructural investment.

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    Identify & Understand

    Identify and understand major economic, ecological, and social issues relating to driving investment in African communities.

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    Assess Barriers

    Identify barriers to sustainable investment and assess the impacts of market incentives and environmental regulations on sustainable management.

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    Regional Assessment

    Develop regional assessment of resource trends and market conditions including the long-term economic viability of infrastructural investment  in African communities.

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    Identify Technologies

    Identify emerging technologies for business and communal growth and summarize and synthesize new and existing information needed to drive interest in development.

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    Comprehensive Communication

    Develop a comprehensive communication strategy for reporting findings to a broad client base of share holders, investors, and local government.

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    Standards and Responsibilities

    We work to uphold standards of corporate responsibility and financial accountability, we stay in tune with the needs of both investors and the community.