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Produce paper locally to substitute for paper imports and work to expand export

At Mitalgic Global Limited we are aware that pulp and paper Plants are highly intensive investment assets. This is why we consider market projections when investment markets and communities are located in different geographical areas impacted by demographical, social, and environmental trends and legislation.

The source of pulp is mostly wood, a sustainable renewable resource. Further refined into higher-value paper and packaging materials, and various bio-based novel products, it offers sustainable and recyclable choices for replacing various fossil-based materials

Our deep strategic insight and top-level process technology understanding combined with our presence in African communities help us better adjust to tightening requirements set by the local Governments. We help investors plan, develop and implement strategically located state-of-the-art production facilities, in accordance with the best available technology and updated market trends, in a mutating concept that is gradually transforming the classic pulp mill into a biorefinery plant with the best environmental performance.

Mitalgic Global Limited also offers advisory, engineering, and project implementation services for identifying, evaluating, and implementing renewable biomass-based investment options and projects. With our unique understanding of the full biomass value chain – from raw materials to end-product markets. The projects we design and implements are safe, energy, and resource-efficient and meet stringent environmental standards.

Our involvement covers the entire lifecycle and value chain of clients’ businesses. We serve our clients from early strategic development phases to big Capital Expenditure Management (CAPEX) implementation projects and to smaller operational phase support assignments.

The unique combination of process technology specialist skills and multidisciplinary engineering expertise enables us to provide real value to our clients in all subject related to pulp and paper industry in Africa, Environmental, Health and Safety. Other consulting assignments are done in accordance with process technology specialists enabling a holistic view, also taking into correlation the production processes.

Our key competences

  • Paper mills and machines
  • Stock Preparation
  • Pulp Mills and Biorefineries
  • Finishing, Handling, Storage and Shipping Facilities
  • Board
  • Auxiliary Buildings
  • Tissue and Hygiene
  • Packaging and Converting
  • Rebuilds and conversions

The industry sectors we served include

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    Social Infrastructure

    We support projects that provide critical infrastructure for families and communities. We prioritise affordable housing and health care.

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    Power and Energy

    We support power generation, transmission and distribution projects. We prioritize the development of renewable energy sources.

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    Livestock and Agriculture

    We support projects that improve agricultural yields and land productivity or that enable value to be added to agricultural produce. We prioritise development of irrigation systems for farms.

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    Transportation and Logistics

    We support projects that develop transport infrastructure or that provide market enabling logistics services. We prioritize projects that create new trade opportunities.

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    Water, Sewage and Sanitation

    We support projects that provide water and waste disposal services, we aim to improve the management of waste and adequate distribution of water both urban and rural populations.

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    Housing & Real Estate

    We support innovative solutions that will increase the availability and affordability of housing and infrastructural projects. We prioritize solutions that unlock financing.

Benefits to bank on

The cornerstones of our organizational sustainability.

  • Climate Change

    We tackle climate change through our transition to a cleaner, sustainable energy mix and the reduction of our carbon footprint. Ultimately aiming to provide more renewable energy than our carbon footprint.

  • Economic Growth

    We aim to achieve sustainability in the communities we invest. We see this practically playing out through sustainable infrastructure and creation of safe, decent work opportunities.

  • Diversity

    Mitalgic Global Ltd. achieves positive outcomes for inclusive and gender-equal employment through training exercises and an inclusive workforce, providing more resilient and sustainable workforce and economy.

  • Governance

    Good governance lies at the heart of our business at Mitalgic. This in-turn delivers returns for our investments, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities in which we invest.

As a responsible investment partnerr in Africa, Mitalgic Global Limited maintains a continual focus on governance aspects in our investment decision-making and active stewardship of assets. Let’s get started


Particular focus on our priorities to climate change and business integrity.

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    Research & Analysis

    Our team of specialists conducts further research on a viable project and a decision is made based on its economic impact.

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    Documentation & Agreements

    Once approved, a project moves on to the creation of documentation, leading to legal agreement and transaction closure.

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    Standards and Responsibilities

    We work to uphold standards of corporate responsibility and financial accountability, we stay in tune with the needs of both investors and the community.


Accelerating the drive for sustainable economic progress.

Mitalgic Global Limited works with the investment objective achieve significant return on investment through innovative investments in high value impact infrastructural and developmental projects and related opportunities across a range of countries Africa.


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Investments create high-impact opportunities for communities.
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