Power & Energy

We support power generation, transmission and distribution projects. We prioritize the development of renewable energy sources.
  • All Power and Energy services include:
    • Hydroelectric Power Plants
    • Thermal Power Plants
    • Wind Power Plants
    • Solar Power Plants
    • Nuclear Power Plants
    • Switchyards
    • Substations
    • Energy Transmission Lines
    • Rehabilitation
    • Upgrading
    • Energy Efficiency

Water and Sewage

We support projects that provide water and waste disposal services, we aim to improve the management of waste and adequate distribution of water both urban and rural populations.
  • All water and sewage services include:
    • Dams, Reservoirs, Weirs
    • Transmission Pipelines
    • Water Supply and Distribution
    • Sewerage and Storm Water
    • Irrigation and Drainage
    • Tunnels
    • Pump Stations
    • Rehabilitation
    • Basin Planning
    • Rural Development Projects


We support projects that develop transport infrastructure or that provide market enabling logistics services. We prioritize projects that create new trade opportunities.
  • All Transportation services include:
    • Motorways
    • Roads, Highways
    • Railways
    • Bridges Viaducts
    • Tunnels
    • Airports
    • Sea Ports, Harbors,
    • Coastal Structures

Agriculture & Forestry

We support projects that improve agricultural yields and land productivity or that enable value to be added to agricultural produce. We prioritise development of irrigation systems for farms.
  • All Agriculture & Forestry services include:
    • Wood Production
    • Pulp & Paper Industry
    • Rubber Industry
    • Forest management
    • Harvest Automation
    • Autonomous Tractors
    • Seeding and Weeding
    • Farm Automation
    • Agriculture Drones

Social Infrastructure

We support projects that provide critical infrastructure for families and communities. We prioritise affordable housing and health care.
  • All water and sewage services include:
    • Environ. Impact Assessment
    • Social Impact Assessment
    • Environ. Impact Monitoring
    • Social Impact Monitoring
    • Potable Water Treatment Plants
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    • Solid Waste Management
    • Drought Management Plans
    • Flood Management Plans

Rural & Urban Housing

We support innovative solutions that will increase the availability and affordability of housing and infrastructural projects. We prioritize solutions that unlock financing.
  • All Transportation services include:
    • Industrial Buildings
    • Educational Facilities
    • Laboratory Buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Mass Housing Projects
    • Shopping Malls
    • Business and Commercial Centres
    • Sports Facilities
    • Embassies
    • Hotels
    • Terminal Buildings
    • Hangars