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Our understanding of the African ethnic and economic terrain helps our partners and global investors see an accurate picture of the vast investment potential in Africa.
Gabriel A. Ajayi (MScEd)

Gabriel A. Ajayi (MScEd)

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mitalgic Global Limited was built to bridge the investment and research gap that has been hindering crucial infrastructural investment needed in communities in Africa.

We listen ‘Attentively’, our understanding help shareholders and investors see an accurate picture of African investment potential, then develop investment strategies suited to the various communities we work in — whether it is in the provision of utilities such as: sustainable electricity, water, waste and sewage management services.

Mitalgic Global Limited provides consulting and market research report and analysis on various infrastructural development projects, the communities where they can be better served and we analyze the project performance over a specific period of time to determine its potential profitability.

We are here to provide answers to relevant questions targeted at various demographics in key consumer markets in Africa. Our network of partners currently span through Nigeria, Mexico and Turkey and we are set to reach other investment markets.

Founded in 2015, Mitalgic Global Limited is continually  evolving to play an integral role in the economic growth of African communities by driving innovative projects from conception through to realization, providing relevant analysis, human resources and other expertise as needed.

Our journey so far has resulted in a strong and positive partnership from the Atlantic through to the Mediterranean, now the plan is to strengthen these relationship and expand into other regions, creating a network of investment possibilities along the way to better serve foreign companies looking to invest in Africa.

Deforestation in Africa is a serious problem with the UN reporting that Nigeria is one of the top ten countries in the world with the highest rates of deforestation. As a nation, Nigeria relies heavily on wood and loses between 3,500 – 4,000km2 of land per year, to deforestation.

Mitalgic Global Limited is committed facilitating sustainable wood production in Africa a climate -efficient yet efficient means of manufacturing wood products on a long-term basis to individuals and various industries. With this goal in mind, rest assured, we are firmly dedicated to broadening and strengthening our reach.

African communities deserve a spot in the global market today — Mitalgic Global Limited exists to globally represent African commodities and communities, we aim to preserve the uniqueness of each community.

As we look froward to our next partnership project with you, we continue to help communities, businesses and global investors attain success as they navigate the African economic terrain.

On behalf of the entire Mitalgic Global Limited team,

Gabriel A. Ajayi

President and Chief Executive Officer

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