Delivering sustainable projects with high impact

value in African communities.

Mitalgic Global Limited is focused on

Delivering investment projects that offer innovative and sustainable ways of delivering high development impact in Africa.

Mitalgic Global Limited works with public and private companies with a mandate to invest in the real estate, transportation, telecommunications, energy, water, sewage and sanitation.

At Mitalgic Global Limited, we believe the fundamental purpose of investments in Africa is to create livelihoods in the communities while providing avenues for long-term shareholder value. With offices in the Ankara, Lagos and Mexico, we focus on socio-economic and infrastructural development opportunities, specifically supporting development in Africa.

We leverage our experience and networks to develop quality infrastructure across energy, wood, steel, rubber and housing organizations. Our ultimate goal is to assemble or expand predictable revenue generation from these essential infrastructural assets.

We also believe in bringing value to life by making investments that make a difference in communities and businesses that is why we have diversified our portfolio of investments to the wooden furniture industry, industrial iron, rubber and steel. Within our organization, we adhere to a mission of diversity and inclusion as well as efforts to operate as a carbon-neutral company.

Mitalgic Global Limited works with the investment objective achieve significant return on investment through innovative investments in high value impact infrastructural and developmental projects and related opportunities across a range of countries Africa.

Our Solutions

We partner with local businesses in emerging economies.

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    Mining & Energy

    We support power generation, transmission and distribution project support and analysis. We facilitate sustainable caulking and piping systems.

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    Iron & Steel

    We support the mining, refining, production and supply of steel products mainly to the machinery and energy industry. We bring sustainability to the steel industry in Africa.

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    Civil Construction & Design

    We support projects that provide critical infrastructural support to people and their communities. We facilitate affordable housing projects.

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    Wood Production

    We facilitate efficient wood production system implementation in Nigeria as a means of both addressing climate concerns and delivering investment in sustainable wood production.

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    Industrial Rubber

    We boost growth in the industry by facilitating the production, sale and transportation of rubber and its class of products across there relevant industries in Africa.

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    Pulp & Paper

    We support innovative solutions that will increase the availability and affordability of housing and infrastructural projects. We prioritize solutions that unlock financing.

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